Choir Members

Subscriptions & Gift Aid

Current annual subscription is £160 which includes cost of music hire.
We offer scholarships with free membership and music for those in full time education and a reduced subscription of £25 for singers under 26.

There is a pro-rata subscription for those who join during the year.
Applications for reductions under special circumstances may be made to the Treasurer in total confidence.

Gift Aid

The Choir is a Registered Charity under UK law, which allows it to reclaim the tax you have already paid on your membership and any other donation under the Gift Aid Scheme. You can help the Choir increase its funds by signing the Gift Aid Declaration on the membership form, but only if you are a UK tax payer.


How it works

Full membership of the Choir is £160 per year. If you pay tax on any income be it salary, investments, pension or other income the Choir can claim back from Revenue & Customs an additional £40.00 at no cost to you. Subscriptions and donations to Charities are tax exempt, we can therefore claim back the income tax you have already paid to Revenue & Customs on the amount you pay the Choir. Each year we send a list of names and addresses and the amounts paid by members to Revenue & Customs. Once processed by Revenue & Customs we are sent a cheque for what we have claimed. This money is then used to further the aims of the Charity.